Too many businesses are running real-time voice and video apps on an internet that was never meant to support them–resulting in spotty communications that don’t live up to the promise of next-gen networks like SD-WAN. With GlobalTURN by Subspace, get the true potential of SD-WANs through optimized routing that delivers fast, clear connectivity.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been nearly 20 years since the “can you hear me now?” guy went viral and captured the frustration of poor-quality voice and video calls.

Even more unimaginable? Two decades later, too many users of voice apps are still asking that…


Many of the security solutions developers have relied on in the past introduce latency, making them less-than-ideal for developers of real-time applications. However, there are options to ensure protection without sacrificing speed or quality. With Subspace, security can be handled natively in the network that was explicitly designed for real-time protection.

Application security and network security are two of the most important considerations for developers. With standard applications, there are often simple solutions. But for real-time applications, security has been a challenge, and the options can seem limited.

Security and Latency — It’s a Problem

Security is important, but in the world of real-time communications, so…


Real-time performance is a complex puzzle that isn’t easy to solve or define. As we’ve seen, there are a host of networking and architecture questions that need answering before real-time performance can be achieved in applications. Subspace is here to answer these complex questions and provide developers and service providers the steps needed to successfully complete the puzzle.

“Blink and you’ll miss it.”

Is there any more intuitive way to define “real-time performance”? Users don’t care how much delay they experience. They become irate over any perceived delay, period. …


Real-time applications need a healthy, optimized network to run. That requires the right tools, both for network monitoring and software optimization. Countless factors go into tuning a healthy network, but it’s a doable feat — especially if you are plugging into a network service that’s already been through the learning and development curve.

Who shot first? It’s impossible to know when network lag creates in-game rubber banding.

Why are you watching a circle spin around and around instead of enjoying your video? …


Due to the global pandemic, we now rely on internet service providers more than ever. With more employees working remotely, solutions for real-time network acceleration are imperative to maintain productivity. This goes beyond fast download speeds, however, as consumers are also looking for improvements in areas like audio and video quality. Subspace is the only true solution for real-time network acceleration that offers a better overall experience for remote workers.

Changing Times

For the last few decades, productivity has meant conference room meetings and office suite software, but today’s productivity comes from real-time engagement instead. With a directive to cut cycle…


The demand for great internet service has been at an all-time high since work and schools moved online — and many businesses will make this change permanent. As these demands grow, internet service providers are rushing to push new capacity out, but this capacity still focuses on quantity (megabits per second) and not quality (latency and jitter). This proves that the public internet, as it stands, was not designed for the high demand we are currently seeing, meaning that it’s unable to deliver on what remote workers and students truly need. However, Subspace helps to change this reality. …


In the early days of the COVID-19 lockdowns, call centers suddenly became remote call centers. Around the world, call center managers scrambled to find tech solutions to help workers keep answering calls from home. In many cases, call center managers implemented stop-gap tech solutions quickly. But many of those immediate measures had to compromise certain capabilities that would have existed in a pre-COVID environment which doesn’t make them the best long-term solutions for employees or clients. It’s time to reexamine those decisions to ensure that your call center is best positioned to take advantage of future trends. …


It’s every smaller game studio’s dream to have breakaway success, but planning for success from the start will help ensure rapid growth doesn’t bring everything crashing down.

Picture this:

You launched your game this week after years of work. The rave reviews are rolling in, and players are praising the concept, gameplay, and graphics on social media. You’re getting so much more attention and many more players than you expected. In fact, you’ve surpassed all the goals you set for the first month in just the first three days! The game’s taking off like a rocket.

But, by day…


Optimized real-time performance requires real-time solutions. Subspace recognizes it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and focuses its technologies to positively impact network performance far beyond what can be achieved by solely focusing on the last mile.

The COVID-weary world may feel a longing to return to the office, but a complete return to yesteryear seems far-fetched. Work habits and real estate trends started or magnified in 2020 will deeply influence our emerging new normal. We seem headed towards a world where working remotely will be the rule, not the exception. …


Over the past couple of years, we have seen an alarming increase in distributed denial-of-service attacks on real-time applications. Current options, including CDNs, are not built for real-time and do not offer sufficient solutions for preventing DDoS dangers. Subspace is a global platform that routes traffic at the speed of light in real-time, protecting against DDoS attacks without increasing latency.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen an alarming increase in Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks on real-time applications. Unfortunately, current options available to developers, including legacy Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), were never intended for real-time applications and…


The world’s fastest internet for real-time applications — period. Every millisecond counts.

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